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personal foreign work permit insurance


Get the answers to frequently asked questions concerning medical insurance for foreign workers in Singapore

What is Foreign Worker Medical Insurance?

Under regulatory conditions, the employer shall purchase and maintain medical insurance with at least SGD 15,000 in coverage for the foreign employee's 12-month employment period.

Is Foreign Worker Medical Insurance compulsory and mandatory?

Medical insurance for Work Permit and S Pass holders is required for all employers to purchase and maintain.

Who is eligible for Foreign Worker Medical Insurance?

Foreign employees with valid work pass in-principle approvals (IPA for Work Permit or S Pass holder), Work Permit and S Pass issued by the Ministry of Manpower are eligible for coverage.

What is MOM's mandatory requirement?

An employer shall buy and maintain medical insurance with coverage

of at least SGD 15,000 per 12-month period for each foreign employee (work permit holder and S-Pass holder).

Visit MOM’s website for more information

How much is Foreign Worker Medical Insurance premium?

The estimated cost and premium can only be calculated after you contact the partnered licensed representatives. It depends based on number of factors.

Is FWMI insurance available from every insurer in Singapore?

Not all insurers have stand-alone foreign worker medical insurance.

I have received the IPA (In-Principle Approval) from MOM for the new workers. How to get WICA Insurance, Foreign worker medical insurance (FWMI) and Security bond?

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When is the best time to get some advice on FWMI insurance ?

It is best to get in touch as soon as possible. You do not have to wait until the current policy's renewal date.

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